To discerning consumers in Greater China with exclusive taste for fashion and lifestyle products, EyesOn 
is a gateway for them to be introduced to and experience the quality of designer brands.  Compared to 
other e-commerce platforms, EyesOn takes a service-oriented approach by connecting brands with social
media influencers and local retailers to build consumer awareness.
Consumers have a preference for brands featured on EyesOn because of the trust they place in our product 
selectiveness and the product reviews social media influencers provide on our platform. We guarantee that 
all products purchased through EyesOn are authentic items that are sourced from either the brand itself or
from authorized distributors.  All products come with the brand’s international warrantee.
EyesOn strives to provide exclusive brands at best prices.  Our platform allows Mainland China consumers 
to purchase products at same prices as overseas Hong Kong and Taiwanese consumers, which are lower 
than retail prices domestically in China.  EyesOn provides low prices to Mainland consumers by including 
all customs and taxes in our low shipping cost as a standard fee.